English trig mnemonics

French ones are so stupid (SOHCAHTOA does not mean anything for me), but English ones are far better :

  • Another Stupid Trig Class:
    • All functions are positive in quadrant I;
    • Sine is positive in quadrant II;
    • Tangent is positive in quadrant III;
    • Cosine is positive in quadrant IV.

Quadrants I, II, III and IV are the four quarters of the trigonometric circle

  • Oh Heck, Another Hour Of Algebra!
    • Opposite / Hypothenuse = Sine;
    • Adjacent / Hypothenuse = Cosine;
    • Opposite / Adjacent = Tangent.
  • Signs Of Happiness Come After Having Tubs Of Acid (equivalent of "SOHCAHTOA"...)
  • By the way, "SOHCAHTOA" is a "Soccer Tour"! (Soh-cah to(w)a)
  • Last... but not least :

The Queen is in the Tower of London, you throw a bucket of water at the Tower. The Queen yells through an open window: "Hey, someone is trying to soak our tower!" (with the Queen's English... of course).

A young soccer fan: 'But mum, I'm doing my maths!'

Reprendre les transferts avec ProFTPd

J'ai passé au moins 5 minutes à googler pour trouver ça :

AllowStoreRestart       on

(à mettre dans les options générales)

C'est quand même con que ce soit pas activé par défaut. Genre quand un bénévole t'envoie un fichier de 118 Mo et que tu vois pas pourquoi FileZilla il veut pas reprendre, tu te sens con. Tu vois ? Be aware.