English trig mnemonics

French ones are so stupid (SOHCAHTOA does not mean anything for me), but English ones are far better :

  • Another Stupid Trig Class:
    • All functions are positive in quadrant I;
    • Sine is positive in quadrant II;
    • Tangent is positive in quadrant III;
    • Cosine is positive in quadrant IV.

Quadrants I, II, III and IV are the four quarters of the trigonometric circle

  • Oh Heck, Another Hour Of Algebra!
    • Opposite / Hypothenuse = Sine;
    • Adjacent / Hypothenuse = Cosine;
    • Opposite / Adjacent = Tangent.
  • Signs Of Happiness Come After Having Tubs Of Acid (equivalent of "SOHCAHTOA"...)
  • By the way, "SOHCAHTOA" is a "Soccer Tour"! (Soh-cah to(w)a)
  • Last... but not least :

The Queen is in the Tower of London, you throw a bucket of water at the Tower. The Queen yells through an open window: "Hey, someone is trying to soak our tower!" (with the Queen's English... of course).

A young soccer fan: 'But mum, I'm doing my maths!'